Zestoretic Drug Class

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anaesthesia is not used, at all events. If, on the other hand,
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Eye and Microscopical Specimens, Microtomes, New Physio-
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(1) Two cases of Blindness after Erysipelas, one affecting both
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Baths. 11. State Hygiene. 12. Veterinary Hygiene. 13,
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building stands on sloping ground, so that, although the «
zestoretic drug class
trate, as I believe, some of the rarer eflfects of chronic abscesses
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Emperor has ordered that all disinfecting apparatus purchased abroad
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out by the Cairo School of Medicine, on which the department is abso-
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admitted that she had taken a sixpenny packet of " Battle's
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DENT pointed out that the woman was only 33, and there
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Mr. John Edward Gemmei l. M B , late Surgeon, Royal Naval Artillery
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kept out of the dispensary, and we are happy to see that assurances were
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Me. Haslam (Birmingham) showed a man, aged 31, whose
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express written consent of the council." The intention
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side of the heart was not " dark blood such as is present in
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utes, and found her retching violently in her garden. She
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The following conditions seem to me to be the indications
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die during an epidemic on the same footing as widows of
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by the rarity with which paraplegia is associated with an
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treatises on medicine and surgery. He was the professional
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remain to be adjusted which present serious practical difficul-
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are entitled to attend, and to introduce professional friends. The
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vomiting an<l diarrhcea, a generally increased and weakened
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night in a small unventilated room with the gas turned on.
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the-e cases was gennrally due to carelessness rather than to
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with practical hygie'ne, and enumerating the chief formuhe,
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in strength that he was able to walk a mile up tlie less steep part of
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all fours with that of successful vaccination, which is a pre-
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Pleasant, he had given to this matter considerable attention. He had
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letters, documents, and other devices resorted to are hardly
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NORTH-WEST LONDON HOSPITAL. Kentish Town Road, N.W.— Assist-

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