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respiration wei'e associated with the return of pulsations after shorter

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In all cases, except Case 12, the organisms isolated from the blood

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Albumin 2.5 gm. per liter. Casts finely and coarsely granular.

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Brown, J. S., Jr., Hendersonville; Tulane, 1925 1926

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ilar to those present in the tests with chloroform and phosphorus.

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meal-time brought about an inhibition of the growth or activity of the

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mentioned in five cases. This came on shortly after eatin. anc vari d

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that Weil's disease was a specific infectious disease due to Bacillus proteus.

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President Sidbury: It has been moved and seconded that the Com-

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is clear : that there is no decrease and that in this respect a ready means

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and I in 2,000 the motility was decreased markedly after a contact

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points as described above. The lungs were pink, soft, appeared normal on the

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Briefly summing up the discussion of the three divisions of normal,

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physiological hyperplasia and regeneration on the one hand and tumor

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achieve a brilliant triumpli over obstacles Avhich most men would

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for six weeks; large doses of calomel and santonin for three days, fol-

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injections can be followed. In the first period, killed bacilli of the

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The fetal or simplex type is the more common. It may arise from a

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will not point out other inconveniences. Who shall secure

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The fragment of kidney having been introduced into the flask, there

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■^ Martin, Die Neigungen und Beugungen der Gebdr mutter ; Berlin, 1866 ;

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health