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We may compute the fresh air supplied to these cars by observing the
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tion, a decreased catalytic activity of the blood should be expected. Case
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and X'yasaland. Ann. Trop. Med. and Parasit., Liverpool, 1909, ii, 277.
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cases, especially in the erect position, which is the position chosen in our
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5, The myeloid tissue plays no part in the production of anti-
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be neglected; a car nearly always contains more carbon dioxid before
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occurs in 2.1 per cent, of all cases of primary tuberculous adenitis. Beside the
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Flexner, Simon, Noguchi, Hideyo, and Amoss, Harold L.
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complicated by some secondary infection. Giles, after careful study, had
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whether the combined dialysates of serum and placenta gave the ninhydrin test.
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anemia took part in reducing this activity is without doubt and that these
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test-tube; and sixth, to note the results of treatment of human beings
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heated as well as the serum at the bottom of the tube. On pouring out the sub-
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mounds. Figure 23 shows two peripheral mounds, one of them being very much
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test for syphilitic serums, and reported most favorable results from the
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large number of animals, especially laboratory animals, have certainly
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solving in sulphuric acid, dilution and titrating. He extracted the indigo
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ter were to be observed in the test. In intravenous tests made thirteen
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periods were divided as follows: preliminary, four days; water, three days; final,
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estimate the extent of the acidosis. The quantitative estimation of
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as detailed in the literature would point to its occurrence by means of an
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ducing this sensitiveness to the introduction of a needle into the spinal sub-
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the toxic dose been given tracheally, nor has the local reaction called forth by it
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of a similar condition of the apical portion of the ventricles.
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extent by Fiorito,*' Turchi/ Braunstein/ Clark,^ and others, have been

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health