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the leucocytes in these lesions usually show pronounced signs of
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occurred. They are most evident in the quickly induced involutions from
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hypertrophy and dilatation (especially right ventricle). Chronic passive conges-
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and ventricles. Since distention of the auricles is a marked feature in a
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and is equivalent to sufficient air each hour to equal 10.3 times the cubic
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employed in our water study, this individual was placed on such a diet
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tion that Case 19, with 47.5 per cent, polynuclears, and Case 35, with a
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solution had not been removed. Removal of the tricresol solution and the
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Secretary: Saunders, Shelden A., Aulander; Jeff. Med. Coll.,
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Fig. 9. Intervertebral ganglion. Dififuse cellular invasion of interstitial
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ugh the after effects of the stimuli were slightly more pronounced after
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lesions, such as occur after a fat diet, the convoluted tubules are im-
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and preventive medicine. The fact that B. leprce cultures will remain
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the small and large intestine, while B. bifidus was plentiful in the ilium and in
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increasing age. parallels a diminution in the amount of liver gljxogen. Mendel
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total amount of crystalloid dissolved by an aqueous colloidal solution is
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tubules, but invasion of the leucocyte-infiltrated detritus occurs.
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cholesterin and foods containing cholesterin produce profound pathological
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tricular beats to 16 auricular beats. On studying the tracing it is rather
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coagulate, it was usually diluted to prevent the formation of a firm clot.
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of calcium salts occurs in the places where it does occur. I have failed,
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We shall limit ourselves to a brief description of those with which we
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Matthews, Vann M., Charlotte; Univ. of Pa., 1918 1918 1921
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could be spared for the purpose, secure results which we could be sure
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great deal of good, especially in the country, by removing

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health