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cultures connective tissue growth and leucocytic growth and migra-

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animals, or of animal tumors to other species, few will stand criticism. In verj''

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seemed useful to us at the present time to make a study of the pos-

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tween the follicles are fibroblasts, but their number is small and they are loosely

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These actively growing cell cultures were used as media on which to

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noon the block suddenly stopped and the pulse became regular at 92. During the

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On inflating the colon, there was no change in the mass, and the tympany

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Hypotension, when it is present in tuberculosis, increases with an

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tion (though it is possible that this does not represent the time elapsed

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(b) after the repeated injection of tricresol serum a moderate collapse occurred

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; 1,940 gm. ; 15 injections boiled extract of fetuses ; 88 fetuses used.

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normal and patient improved rapidly. On the third day of normal temperature

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0.3 p. r cent, tricresol serum was applied to the medulla after first removing the

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shows the comparative cost of protein energy as purchased in different forms of

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these cells in their movement from the tissue to their present position

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given to dogs had no effect on the shape of the electrocardiogram. When P

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^' ^i'lT'"^'"®""™ '"""' '° ''™P'°« "' «'^ -IH "hi* ™-™t

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7. Bouin and Ancel: Compt. rend. Soc. d. biol., 1909, Ixvii, 466. Since our

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cloudy swelling. The acini were considerably separated by spaces in which was

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to 5 cm. medianward from the anterior superior spine The anev nf +]..+ •/

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the monkey after 0.3 per cent, tricresol serum given by syringe are

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*Read at the seventh annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical

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many positive reactions are nothing else than positive grape-sugar tests,

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stomach with salt solution and cutting the phrenic nerves were observed. The

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health