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messe saw characteristic inflammatory symptoms following the instilla-

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number of minutes (inhibition of inspiration) and then respirations

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From February 3 to March 18 the dog was fed two to three raw pancreas

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extent by such factors as the age of the infecting organism and the

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tom ? Are the duties which Nature calls for, in the noble,

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Sterility and Disorders of the Male Sexual Organs. He was also a

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difficult to say whether this is due to the size of the dose employed

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the auriculoventricular bundle, myocardial disease was clearly present as

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facilitate the drawing of details a magnification of three diameters was employed.

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trium. The bowels had been obstinately constipated, requiring enemas to move

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the breast changes corroborative evidence in substantiating his hypothesis,

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among some of his contemporaries. The two cases which we are about

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more carbon dioxid than the lower 20 times (58.8 per cent.) less 8 times

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5. Placental extr.; placentae, 177 used. 2.0 25 27 Negative

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n^isea vomiting, and convulsions. These appeared in a few cases^ Jh

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ological ossification^* is derived from the proliferated connective tissue

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different from those she demands from the unennobled ?

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From the experiments outlined above it is evident that the power of

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X'ituaries— J. B. Cranmer, M.D., Chairman, Wilmington; Ben J. Law-

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on. Whether it be egotism or love which causes this

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reasons falsely, attributing to abdominal pressure conditions existing in

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GEORGE DOCK, St. Louis W. T. LONGCOPE, Philadelphia

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tention was marked enough to produce much pain, tenderness and spasm

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fluid varying in amount from 0.2 to 0.5 of a cubic centimeter. The

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health