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and Wadsworth.^ This may be due to the favorable influence of
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bills are still pending in Alabama, California, Iowa, Maine, Mass-
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should be twice as great for two persons as for one, the air-supply remain-
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amount 2.4 gm. The urine passed later in the day was free from sugar.
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In the first few days of the acute nephritis the membrana propria
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health and disease and with various animal experiments. It will possibly
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niischen Standpunkte, Biblioth. med. int.. 1894, ii, 2.
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same period a latent tuberculosis may disseminate itself acutely through-
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a-c time was demonstrated experimentally by one of us (F. W. P.) in
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the place of the primordial cartilage, vascular granulation tissue eroding
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tures as, for example, in figure 8, which is a six day culture. In
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less marked in non-encapsulated glands, as in the bony fish.
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a siphon. This forces the air out through a second very narrow rubber
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ods. The studies reported in this paper show that about 80 per cent,
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which is lying in contact with the imbedded tissue. In this area the
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lous process. No doubt there exists a very interesting difference in the
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Periods of Multiplication. — As with the period of incubation,
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rations which have produced on primary vaccination cases fifteen tj'pical takes
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in the salt solution \v2is slow and in character recognizably different
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a considerable number of the attacks that remain are precipitated by
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On testing twenty patients with 0.005 to 0.001 doses of old tuber-
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by Isaac Hays, assisted by I. Minis Hays; Vols. 74-77, inclusive,
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take place, as a secondary destruction of the follicles. This sec-
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The method of registering the body temperature of these patients
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of patients whom they examined. On the other hand, Strandgaard's

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health