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later to wash out the bowel thoroughly and give an active cathartic. The

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clinical idea of the daily fluctuations of the organic acid output in cases

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their work Haldane and Osborn-^ recommended a limit of 12 volumes per

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confirm the histological study of the cultures and make it certain that

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long diameter 16.8 cm.; area 172 sq. cm.; index .711.

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the others received from the ninth to the thirteenth day injections of

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countered in obtaining spinal fluid. The hypodermic needle was inserted five

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chronic are these changes which are sometimes met with that a close resemblance

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quarter to one-third of the lobule, in which there is marked necrosis, as indicated

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the eosin stain quite easily. Endothelial cells range from to 4 per cent,

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persist for a long time, there is delay in the healing of the lung lesion.

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reported in the North Anu rican Medico-Chirurgical l\eview "A

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Feb. 18, 10 A. M. Dog given 50 c.c. of 95 per cent, alcohol by stomach tube.

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tracheotomy wound. The respirations were recorded from the pleural cavity

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puscles, I believe that it would be practically impossible to find

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In order to see if immune sera in addition to the antibody ac-

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of color to a crimson. While many cultures of identical colors

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there is apparently no relation between diet and the occurrence of

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elastic coat of arteries, ganglion cells, necrotic epithelium, and hyaline

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39. riiigge: Ueber Liiftverunreinigung, Warmestauung und Liiftung in

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blood count 5,200,000; white blood count 7,800; platelets 920,000; fibrinogen 0.719

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Table 5. — Course of the Catalytic Activity in Pneumonia (Case 3)

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of the strings of a musical instrument. It seems worthy of special atten-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health