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e. g., in caseous areas there has been precipitation of proteins, in atheroma the
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2 c.c. of 0.8 per cent, salt solution, from which measured quantities were taken
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appendix, and near its upper border. It is a structure of small size,
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How the daily deposition of 4 or 5 gm. of calcium carbonate is
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The great majority of cases recover even under the continued use of large
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to the sixth day. We see that on the whole there is no marked dif-
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thymica," or its relation to the entire picture of "status lymphaticus," seems to
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exhibited no injurious eflfects. Feeding of egg-yolk and brain substance to
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to the lesions of the liver produced by chloroform and phosphorus
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concisely the most important theories and clinical data. Arloing and
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Resolved, That in addition to the requirements for foreign graduates,
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the fact that a gradual hypertrophy of the inguinal lymph-nodes occurred.
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areas of pathological calcific deposits has been found quite the same as
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origin of new fixed groups of pneumococcus. The most likely ex-
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The following editions of hand-books of Moral Theology are quoted:
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Again, it is shewn that the ingestion of large amounts of water with
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-pheric pressure; above the line is positive pressure; below the
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2. The method adopted is as follows: Blood (0.025 c.c.) is removed
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Secretary: Robertson, L. H., Salisbury; Univ. of Pa., 1929;
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rapidly, virulence was much less evident than in series i. There
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sels, chiefly situated in the periphery, are, on the whole, rare.
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seven previous attacks of fever in Panama, and many in Martinique. During
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Even exact methods of physical examination supplemented by thor-
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and covered with exudate. The pulp was normal. No metastases. The pancreas
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twice a day, usually shortly after the acid feeding. Practically no acid, however,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health