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secretory ,slands a substance which confers immunity. The thymus,
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bovine tubercle bacilli. The difference is so marked that on morpho-
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experiments to produce fever. The time between the injection and the
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have for their object the determination of those forms of acidosis due to
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All that is necessary to be known of them by the priest is
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said, to regard them as automatic ventricular systoles. A study of thp
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investigators just cited. To shut off all the pancreatic secretion from the
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man cannot acquire a primary infection of syphilis a second time,
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early admittance. Sometimes pathological affections of
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Fig. 7. Guinea pig 4. Uranium; killed on ninth day. Across the middle of
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consequent tuberculinization. They differ from von Pirquet and Schick
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that true cancer is relatively as rare in fish goiter as in mammalian
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tr-ees") with few or no bacilli between the cells. Magnified 220 diameters.
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no specificity of the allergy of the skin of animals infected with one or
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8.3 gm. of oil had been utilized daily. As there was no great evidence of
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this indicates that the spinal cord is also more excitable than normally.
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Although much is known concerning the immunological reactions
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mouth and 5 gm. calcium chlorid as a subcutaneous injection. At the site of
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blood obtained in animal experiments. Accompanying the uremic coma
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glands, with, in some eases, actual secretion of milk.
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sublimate poisoning in man, ranging from those in whom death occurred in a
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evidence of the destruction of iodized oils given subcutaneously. His
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isting between the fibrin net and the fibers which form in it. The
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Idwiiig tri'ins: "More than once in later years and before he reached
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of tubercle products on the circulation of mammals, in all of which cases
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investigations, in so far as the influence of milk feeding on growth and general

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health