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was soon introduced for clinical diagnostic purposes. Schwartz and McNeil (4)

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rabbits of the experiments, which had received similar treatment. ^-

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produce a response. As a result of such a summation of stimuli spon-

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Clinical Diagnosis. — Chronic nephritis (uremia).

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III of the proximal convoluted tubules shows the typical acute necrosis and its

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the greatest care when they are removed from the cover-glasses in

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pressure in 200 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, chiefly in the later

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as alcohol, cold, inhalation of ether and bromine, and the control of

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deadly dose. That this was not brought about by cumulative effect of the

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Fig. 2. Spinal cord showing meningeal cellular infiltration extending into

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brought out is by collecting samples from within a few inches of the

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thus establishes itself in the less immune race as a permanently '

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to this question. Bacteria of various sorts were injected directly into the

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(From the George Speyer House, Frankfurt a/M., and the Laboratories of The

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detailed laboratory records which accompany the charts we would direct

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studies of normal and pathologic bloods, it seems probable that they

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fats, greatly lower the resistance of mice to acetonitril. He refers increased sus-

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location of the parietal cells which are (as the observations of Mabel

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All the fixed oils used were furnished by Fairchild Brothers & Fos-

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health