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several trials it was found that owing to the fulness of the breasts the

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was improperly placed so that its orifice became plugged; when this occurred

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plement to the Medical News and Library-. Vols. 1-6, July, 1871, to

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people there were 27 deaths from Diphtheria. In North Carolina with

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animals of the used group and between different animals of the unused

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gen that was entirely free from anticomplementary action was used.

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and fixed in continuity with the surrounding connective tissue and fn + . .^fter

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points of view from which the matter of intra-abdominal pressure has

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Let us first consider the data from Experiment II (see Table 2).

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here we may distinguish between the following groups:

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noticed that phlorhizinized animals are much more easily killed with chloro-

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toms and signs with the post-mortem lesions. One of the first results

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active as those of corresponding animals injected with fetal extract. The

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the skeleton may be produced not only in the pregnant guinea pig,

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This is indicated in the work of Plant (21) who found that with guinea pig

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IS confessedly a little higher because of the omission of the urine in the

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the course of the infection cycle completely. The development of a

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On the basis of these preliminary experiments it was decided

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eous excretion into the surrounding air, either from the breath or from

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Schiirmann compared his test with the original Wassermann test in

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account for the markedly lessened indican output. In this connection,

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plement), and thus the important findings of Stephan (ii) as to

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health