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In one observation it has been seen to take as little as five days ; it
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4. Loss of weight, 16 per cent. Autopsy revealed several rather large abscesses
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feeding fresh sheep and mouse spleen to splenectomized mice in-
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Philippine Islands, dysentery in, Entamosba tetragena as a cause of; C. F.
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As shown in the tables, perfusion pressures of 50, 75, and 100
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In the tricresol dog series similar results were obtained. Out of
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develop the tendency to shorten the gap between incubation and
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quantitatively in twenty-four-hour amounts and were carefully preserved
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before their eyes, although they have otherwise no know-
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the point downwards and causing the incoming air to form bubbles that
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of the sensory nerves, the whole psychical personality
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adult frog spleen and liver there is, in general, very little, and in
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Microscopic Examination. — The nodules showed a proliferative lesion simi-
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that the imbedded living tissues are by themselves able to bring about
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which the duodenum had been removed; the remaining two (IV, V)
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amplitude remaining the same. After 15 minutes full recovery of the original
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cycle of the Hansen bacillus. Kedrowski (32), in particular,
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3. In copious water-drinking the total ethereal sulphate output was
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parative results, expressed in parts of carbon dioxid per 10,000 of air :
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even slight extrinsic movements of the limbs, head, etc., and its record,
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of lungs, right hydrothorax, slight ascites, enlarged liver, marked brawny edema
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turbed renal function accompanied by definite uremic coma.
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to have her place taken by a nutrix bona quoad mores et

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health