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tors (surface exposure), as is indicated by the wide range of clini-

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The knee-jerk, plantar, wrist and triceps reflexes were present and active.

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64. Gabriel: Chemische Untersuchungen tiber die Mineralstoffe der Knochen

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On ^larch 26 the dog vomited shortly after the acid feeding and continued this

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phenomena are remarkably similar to those in the case reported by

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directly produces growth of the breast in pregnancy.

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6. See references given by Norris and Pappenheimer : Jour. Exper. Med.,

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the function of the spleen could be wholly or partly replaced by

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vaginalis was devoid of virus is an interesting point.

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inflammation appears on all the vaccination points simultaneously.

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with lobar pneumonia in Germany. Through the kindness of the

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high magnification. Multinucleated cells are shown in figure 3.

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a fat is the weight of iodin which 100 parts of the fat will absorb, or it may be

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The coronary arteries of the last two species are presumably sup-

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to find that considerable resistance to testicular adaptation was ex-

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criticism. The other patient (No. 7) is a young man in whom all

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cians securing these leaflets in sufficient quantities to make them available

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with which chloroform is dissolved in fat it is probable that in-

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Experiment C. — Rat 23 was supplied with 50 c.c. of milk daily for forty days.

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showed ducts surrounded by smaller ducts and alveoli. Intermediate

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26. Eggstein, A. A., Jour. Tennessee State Med. Assn., 1914, vii, 1x5.

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J. r». liiddle and AV. AV. Gerhard; Vol. 6 by Meredith Clymer; A'ol. 7

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ried out in this laboratory. Meantime the assumption that such is the case is

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Intraperitoneal injections were next tried in a series of eleven experi-

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persisted, corresponds to the type of pneumococcus found in the

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ponderatingly a leukocytic hyperplasia. The lymph-node was slightly hyper-

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as usual for records. It received six injections of 3 c.c. each of ether serum at

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health