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The salts are weighed out and dissolved in 1,000 c.c. of distilled water.

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atoxyl has a direct action upon trypanosomes in vitro.

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relaxed ligaments, but by diminution of intra-abdominal pressure. This

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the regio calcarina. von Monakow includes also in the anatomical

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that the results of this method of determining the alkali retention not

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Acidosis. Herman M. Adler, M.D., Hathobne, Mass., and Gerald

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tion of a pathological increase in the heart size. A given heart must be

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and Louis Starr, and edited two American editions of Bristowe's

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Salge, however, found agglutinins also in untreated children, and Schka-

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appear from our results that the rate of tumor growth or "malignancy"

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tuberculin by a general reaction, manifesting itself in a rise of tempera-

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or alteration in the abdominal pressure was recorded equally by the «wo man-

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than two minutes after the injection and the blood pressure began to rise

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ter. — Carter gives the stages in the life-history of the parasite of Oriental

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Ad 1. The child, during its foetal life, cannot forfeit its

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we have interpreted as showing a lessened degree of immunity.

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reach the alveoli of the lungs in sufficient numbers they will produce

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Experiment 4.— Two samples of 15 gm. each (moist weight) of rabbit brain

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(see Table 4), which in turn is to be explained by the presence of more

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gave negative results below a dilution of i to 25,000. In media

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condition was given by Ballonius, who died in 1616. It was not, however,

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that tbe doctors are more or less unanimous in their desire for a State-

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health