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In the female sex, it becomes the occasion of various
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neither purgatives nor enemas being of any avail. The patient's mental condi-
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The capacity for diffusion and survival of the virus bears directly
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urticarial or measles-like character, and pains in the joints after an incu-
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out of place here after the splendid report of Dr. Sidbury, so my report will be
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that there was no involvement of the cervix, only the vulva, urethra,
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question definitely, and until it is possible to get a test that will
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convenience' sake, or to escape the tiresome importunities
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she was prepared for her sojoui'n in the calorimeter l)y emptying the
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Francisco. In her address to that body she spoke of the work already done by
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Mar. 18, 9.30 A. M. Dog given 50 c.c. of 95 per cent, alcohol by stomach tube.
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exception of the three small, colorless colonies which grew slowly in transplants
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Health Officers, New York and Philadelphia, 1910, 206.
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amount of the blue solution had found its way into the vessels of the consoli-
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pressure as the other monkeys. 3 c.c. of the serum were injected eight times
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be granted in these cases. Scavini (1. c, tom. iii, pag. 90)
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the fetuses through ligation of blood vessels to the uterus.
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10. As yet it is inadvisable to attempt its use in any save mild acute
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Table 7 shows that the energy production per square meter of surface
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The second splenectomized dog was fed from May 27 to June 4 with sheep
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quantities of calcium soap; and it is just this possibility alone that pre-
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the appendix region tuberculous adenitis forms a well-known surgical
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within a few minutes of the onset of the symptoms, the heart con-
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four serum mixture rabbits developed considerable diffuse fibrinous involvement,
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to determine the period during which the virus survives in an active
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extracts only. He therefore concluded that he had proved that heterologous
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by connective tissue. Dr. Ordway, who made a careful histological study,
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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health