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periments, irrespective of the character of the rats used or of the
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was 105. The respiration which was slow before this last injection (15 per
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treatment of the disease, and may throw light on the conditions which
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Pregnant human serum was placed in two centrifuge tubes, 5 c.c. in each,
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2.5 per cent. There is usually a mild eosinophilia, although this may be
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recent publication, states that he was entirely unable to produce fever
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of a widespread bleeder family in which the disease could be trared
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within a month. In this case there was a temporary improvement in the
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But occasionally parasites may not be numerous in the
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white mice, but with a single paroxysm in white rats. This group comprises the
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tion or point of insertion. A heavy pug dog was used. The stomach was full of
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ences in pharmacologic strength. This variation in pharmacologic effi-
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A new preparation called Eisen-Tuberculin was tested without any
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ing fluid, sterile water, or Ringer's saline solution, before adding
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two- fold. Earlier studies had shown that only exceptional cultures
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molecule of glycuronic acid combines with two, three, or four molecules
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ness of Professor J. A. Moyer, of the engineering department, we are
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Umphlet, Thos. L., Raleigh; Univ. of Pa., 1934 1934 1939
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adays immorality infects rural districts to such an extent,
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subcutaneously and after its administration oats have been given to
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- to 3S mm. accompanied by a slowing of the pulse from 245 to 215 per
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tion of the fibrin net will not occur unless it has come under the
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Fisher* affirms that in institutions four successive negative cultures,
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culture was taken by means of a platinum loop passed high up in the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health