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There is, of course, no objection to expel a decayed foetus.

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Dr. T. L. Carter (Gates County) : Mr. President, the nominating committee

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this reactivity coupled with the disappearance of the antibodies, a slight

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the period. B. acidophilus also was present in small numbers.

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again, several days prior to entrance, he vomited dark, finely granular, semi-

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rabbits. Small and medium doses (i c.c. per kg.) increased the size of the

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20. Neufeld, F., Ueber die Agglutination der Pneumokokken und liber die Theo-

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ture by heating at 60 C. for one hour. In order to obtain a pure growth

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inoculations are tabulated. Monkey 3 was in turn inoculated with blood

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but opinions may be divided as to what it should contain.

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value of 100. The comparisons were made by means of a Duboscq color-

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ventricular Ijlock is beginning to give way. the a-c time of the first impulse

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representation of the corpus geniculatum externum. Only lately

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pressure is negative except when the gastric musculature is either dis-

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utilization of foreign fats administered subcutaneously to cats, including

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appears as two, three, four or five black points. On more careful study

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and existing probably in the form of an unstable double salt of ;alcium

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a case where the fetus corresponded to an earlier stage of develop-

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The acid reaction of tJie intestinal contents during the time the B. coli.

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on Socialized Medicine, which met that afternoon, were also present.

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that the revaccinated is hypersensitive because at this time the first vac-

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serum, and when the serum of these rabbits is then injected in guinea-

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glass, to which were attached the clot and the imbedded tissue, was re-

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exhausted. This process is more evident in myxedema, in which the age

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Case 26. — Patient. — S., colored woman, aged 45. Medical No. 23292.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health