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ly, in the legislature, to forward Dr. Woodward's project of erecting a

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Malfokmations. — The chief malformations to which the trachea is liable

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DO excavation, they could only proceed from the bronchia ; later in the

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man. It is also an important fact that though neuromata, molluscum

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library, opportunities for seeing ihe practice of one of the districts ofthe Dispensary and of tlie Eye

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Medical Miscellany, — Dr. Nathan R. Smith, of Baltimore, has been

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Keloid complications (? really hypertrophic scarring in some cases) have

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Mr. Chester were sent for, when, afier many fruitless attempts to pass

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colder and colder, the countenance is pale, the delirium increases in

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third rings of the trachea, pulled down with a blunt hook. Distended

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with the finger, and copious draughts of warm water given.

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agencies for the causes of monstrous births. In those early times it was

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and not to open the trachea till its rings are recognised — are observed the

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or the general oedema of renal disease. On palpation the swelling does not

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sis is distinctly an hereditary or family disease ; it is also an efl[ect of

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medical writings; and at last the public mind was satis6ed that the

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health