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is obsolete. It had to be comjtressed moi'c and more by
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The body temperature of each person was taken for 1 week. The
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The committee under this resolution are Drs. Bonn, Baghe, and
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tmall-pox. This affords the evidence of a considerable reduction in
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2 Cornil and Ranvier sny that " the lesions of the nerve centres of the suprarenal capsules and of the
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this resjpect between the diseases occurring in Europeans and Ame-
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Cases of the disease had fallen under the notice of most of the
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chill and fever resembling in its variations that of malaria. In some forms
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either the globulin content or the concentration of immune bodies
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Injection of Filtrate from Control Mixture of Agar and Physiological Salt Solution.
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nature, and you will see that he, like Dr. F's propositions, does really
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was very apparent. He has observed it, also, during the present
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convolutions, resembling, somewhat, those of the brain.
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experimental animals; iodotuberculin brought about full suspension
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more pain in the last stages of labour, but might probably .save her
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« Turck states that anesthesia is permanent when the inner part of the lenticular nucleus, the super-
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by the exhibition of that airy presumption and self-
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prepared, none of Sie pathological changes had been recognised.
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The respiration diminished in frequency during the first 4 minutes
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The paralyzed muscles become flaccid, relaxed, and attenuated, and if the
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nine either failed entirely, or were affected with a spurious disease.
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left foreleg appeared on the corresponding control on the 9th day. There was
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history ; and his zeal and success in its cultivation, a^e favoura-
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first carefully to satisfy his own mind as to the extraordinary fact,
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modification, therefore, that will allow us to shorten the time ap-
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on one side only, were negative after the second inoculation. Two were inocu-

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