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attended with a miliary, erythematous, or urlicarious eruption ; but this
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to cold on virus-induced diseases. In some cases resistance has been found to de-
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combination with one or more of its organic constituents.
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patient, whom a full dose of opium always kept awake during the whole
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it probably tends to augment the quantity of that fluid, and to render it
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powdered gum arabic ; in the form of powder ; or in liquid mixture.
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from the other officinal fruits of this kind by a yellowish membranous
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with satisfaction or disgust, as the case might be.
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ted state of the blood. The system requires support against the directly
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of an ordinary rhair The rocling-vhair and ihe swing are partial sub-
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unclouded not unfrequently even to the very last. The fatal result
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parts of the frame undergo various dc^gradation ; those being most af-
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gtomach. {Lond, Med. Times and Gaz,, Man*h, 1852, p. 279.)
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ciencies, and noticing those relations and properties of medicines having
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gine, whilst it clothes the British labourer with garments as rich and fine as
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friends in the profession appreciate, and they begin
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sistance of mice kept at 2° C.and this immunity is of the same magnitude as in animals
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obtained by distillation with water. It is very light, and of a pale lemon-
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the food preferred is mild and cooling : the body is lean and
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given occasionally in torpidity of the stomach and bowels, with flatu*

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