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external form, and the number and complexity of his organs, their harmony and re-

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Woodcuts.) — Levi. Case of Fracture of the Eight Clavicle. (Bee.

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are mostly healthy, the extravasations which we may see in albu-

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some adjacent regions which have not nitherto been noticed.

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brought into strong relief. This is well shown by comparing

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Maats^ however, recognises the most entire diflference in kind

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limbs, or other parts of the body. In the spine, they cause curvature, deformed and

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visible changes of form and colour when heated, from which changes

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gards her health and life, but is truly a religious duty. "Would it not be sinful in

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whatever should be taken to prevent a free passage through it of waste and per-

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his locality. It is well known that the allopathic physicians have made great

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fested themselves in the lands intermediate between these frontiers

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tion in saying that your prescriptions were the means, under Providence, of saving

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rigors vary a good deal in intensity ; if violent, they only last

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these early signs having perhaps first disappeared. The important


10 cm. to the left of the midline, the left border being in the

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For this practice of abortion there never can be offered an excuse that can in

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found myself in a good state of health, so that by proper care I attend to my bu-

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It is not mere academic quibbling to demand that the term

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to set this matter right by beginning at the fountain head, and advising obedience

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is the cause of the disease, or that its removal would be attended

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health