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suggestion. Let the physician gravely state that she has omitted to

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or communication to bring before the meeting sliould send notice of its

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either easy or one of the most difl&cult to make out of any of the dis-

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Council did not do I hope the British Medical Association will

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broad needle "through the iris into the vitreous humour."

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weakened susceptibility of the vasomotor centers at the nape of the

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intake of food and the excreUon erf the fiwJ f^^/iucU of laeuiwliiiHi

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by the kidneys constitutes the commonest cause of arterial weakening

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rigidity and more or less tenderness on palpation. In severe acute

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chronic irritation by gall-stones. It is also not imconmion for it to

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authorities are about ; for, quite irrespective of factory legislation,

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pressure, can be stopped only by prompt medication. Cases are re-

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quence of this, the total repeal of the vaccination laws can scarcely with

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off, leaving nothing but the temporary hyperemic appearance of the

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large molecules of the compound itself, or (2) by new mole-

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officiate temporarily as Civil Surgeon of Mooltan, in addition to his

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sible, for it has made up ifs mind to have a site in the midst

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gathering together a good working reference library. The

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Dr. Gray— show the extreme deformity of the pelvis and

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which becomes atrophied and shows fibrillary twitchings. The more

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inspiration has been noticed by Jiirgensen in acute pneu-

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Newcastle, but it will scarcely be convenient to go farther

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the nurses who have earned the badge bestowed by the Farrand

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This parasite is of several species which infest the intestines, the

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James T., another brother, was healthy till about 12. His

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highest cortical centers, while those of the neck and trunk are more un-

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factor in the mechanism of tlie mutual co-ordination of the

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was affected with cholera. In the mucous threads and flakes

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health