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ments show again a complete analogy with vaccinia, where I was able to

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thousands, their weary load of life. We know all this 5

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and dissolved precipitate in a dose of 0.2 c.c. subcutaneously, and inoculated sub-

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25. Schi0tz, A.: Cure of Chronic Diphtheria Bacillus-Carriers, Ugesk. f.

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David Francis Condie (1796-1875) was the author of one of the

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results from all the experiments strongly suggest that the reaction

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indeed, a tendency at times, to the estalilishment of an independent ven-

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Commercializing Drugs— James M. Northington, M.D., Chairman, Charlotte;

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at 2)7° C. for two days or longer, in order to destroy practically all the bacteria

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It is difficult to say which is the more common mode of infection.

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necrosis and lipomas. Hofmeister^" also states that Tanaka has found

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loop, and to a lesser degree in the remnants of division III.

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In the course of a study (i) on the factors of coagulation in a case of aplastic

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day the patient is absolutely well and, while I have made examinations of her

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B. Diabetes mellitus exerts no influence on the catalytic activity of the

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Pribram: Arch. f. Krim.-Anthrop. u. Kriminalist, Leipsic, 1900, iv, 106.

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pulse became 92. It is worthy of note that during this attack, which was

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may accurately estimate the amount of organic acids being eliminated.

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Roemer, Paul H. : Weitere Versuche iiber Immunitiit gegen Tuberkulose durch

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the other organisms appeared. If the plates are made of ascitic

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kala-azar .t would not again be urged as an argument for th: malaria"

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nation is such as lo suggest t lie 1 lionglit that great manual dexterity

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These findings were the reverse of what I thought might occur,

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health