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Fig. 69. The typical vaccinal effect on the skin of a calf inoculated with a
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time in the tissues to produce a precipitate, in view of the relatively
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B. Sample removed 120 dys. after insertion yielded 0.090 gm. of cholesterol.
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in a more or less complete way (pressing or rubbing of the
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factor essential to the ultimate protection of the animal.
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I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Dock, at whose suggestion I began tliis
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Soxhlet extractors, and the ether was then boiled from the flasks in a
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of anaphylaxis, which has been sharply separated here for the first time
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the changes in the lymphocytes of the blood in splenectomized and intact animals,
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and the remainder of it probably did not participate so actively as mother
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Alaslakowetz^ have observed clumping of the microorganisms in
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were injected again with the same amount of pneumococci. This
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Lymphoid Tissues. — During the past summer lymph nodes, usu-
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sufficient grass to supply them with the necessary amount of green
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of the same inspiratory type as before the injection appear (figure
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morphonuclear leucocytes. If the infection is not too severe, the
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tendance of about 500 for the entire series including all visitors.
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The thyroid cells are well endowed with the power of growth and
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field. But altogether the number of follicles injured by lymphocytes is more
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Centrifuged extract of rat fetuses ; 19 injections ; 130 fetuses.
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that there may be normally present in the cerebrospinal fluid from no cells
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clinical history, metastases, and the reaction with iodin should always
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from the ordinary disease-producing type, a reconstruction of our
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shown, the fibrils form the walls of the capillaries and smallest vessels, on which
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sharply defined and leading to a necrosis of the affected tissue. The

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health