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both those in the exudate and the degenerated epithelium, become frag-
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the operation of tracheotomy by dissection is preferable.
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casts and no other definite lesion, the life might be received
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care of the whole. When we have faithfully done our part
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stouter than the bacillus of diphtheria; it is liquefying; it does not have the
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the remaining twenty per cent., at least one-half can be saved
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normal menstruation appeared on the third day of the disease and continued
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part}^ of good habits, of congenial and healthful occupation,
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Some observers maintain that the disease begins in the lungs and that the
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in rare instances in which the saphenous vein and deep veins of the calf
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which, on investigation, were found to give rise to fresh infection, viz., 1.1
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latter part of the illness there were symptoms of sclerosis of
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Figs. 4, 8, and 9 probably represent stages preceding the radiate bodies. In
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in which death resulted directly from the epistaxis. It may be necessary to
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roughly the stage of the disease. In the earliest cases the lesions consist of
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and whose urea has fallen to 18 or 19 grams, with a specific
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tion into muscular tissue (hypodermoclysis) ; and (3) by
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an oven of an ordinary cooking stove, in closed tin cans, until
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the disease. Glasgow, the sanitary arrangements of which are second to no
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irregularly oval, but show all varieties of outlines. While the long axis is
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truth from his heart and places the final responsibility where
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of typhus fever in Philadelphia, and as Stille says of Gerhard, "he may be

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