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trace elanents. Milk not only fulfills man's nutritional requirements, it also fulfills
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students who have kept six terms, and passed the General Exami^
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decidedly beneficial. This may be combined with chloral, belladonna, etc.
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intelligently confer with other persons as needed in you*- job as a
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pointing to Flexner's hypothesis that the upper respiratory tract is the seat of
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constipation at first, since the reflex mechanism for emptying the rectum is
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course. The initial acute febrile symptoms cease after a few days, although
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note the danger of all hypnotic experiments if they are practiced by the ig-
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The Lofne Scholarship, — Candidates must be Protestants of moral
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sight), the arm and leg on one side become paretic, and gradually more and^
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It is not easy to explain why there should be a shock at all in case of em-
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Cases of disease have been observed, first by C. AYestphal and later by the
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pain from such actions, due perhaps to analgesia. At times he may mutilate
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excited form. In the stuporous form the patient grows silent, dull, and some-
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or foreign recognised school during at least three years ; (3) An original thesis
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2 Small blood clots or spots - "C" quality if not larger than 1/8"
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^ Determining the quality of poultry .ay ^^rtrnliS'itattfnstr'each Ihe'e^'acfor; .
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symptoms, we must employ the same means as in chronic bulbar paralysis, the
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that even a previously sound brain is not immune from the affection.
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ilis. Much stress may also be laid on the optic neuritis, since this, as we
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fact that its main symptom, the progressive atrophy of the voluntary muscles,
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incessantly being separated, extended, flexed, and intertwined, assuming the
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flexes and pronounced spastic symptoms in the legs (especially in myelitis
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of simulation — that is, of producing a rise of the mercury by rubbing and
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of hysteria, and that it is the physician's task to ferret out these half-
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cerebral affections for a hemorrhage, such as meningitis and tumors. The
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logy, including the corresponding departments in the Diseases of
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residing * * * and shall produce or forward to the Branch Begistrar a
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a definite aetiology of leukaemia. In the majority of cases the disease develops
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