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McCampbell, John, Morganton, (Hon.); Bait. Med. Coll., 1894 1895 1899
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Postmortem examinations were made of rats 2 and 3 after they had been
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What little we can conclude from this classification according to medi-
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This removal is probably performed by the fixed tissue cells, of
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per hour (Car 5). Of t 321 dl,' * ""! " ''"'^ ™"^ ^^^'
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tion, and one which he always consulted with much pleasure, I
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distribution of the immune bodies occurring in antipneumococcus
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periments have shown that the liver of white rats fed with fat con-
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for the previously treated tumors grow as rapidly as the treated
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power during long pauses. During the shorter pauses the conduction
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pressure. If at the same time the thoracic expansion is active, there will
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the same; and in Case 3 slightly lower. These results agree with those
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uranium nitrate cause necrosis of the cells of the renal tubules but
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produce in animals aplastic anemia with benzol. This he accomplished success-
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with regard to my feeble efforts on legislation. The success of this legislative
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at by an action originating in the mother ; if (generally at
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William V. Spires, Gary N. Weiss, M.D. Pat Williams, R.N.
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investigations. In order to study the change of reaction, we had to study
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to a considerable amount within some days and then remains at about
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March 18: Above experiment repeated with like result.
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(during inspiration) of the pressure curve was made of two elements, the first
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stance. This primary rise was not observed after injections of the ante-
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containing cholesterin might influence the toxicity of a substance
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because a virtuous woman could not be had, we should
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plasm. In places there is an excessive number of nuclei and they are seen
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was found to be m.ore marked if the urine was taken during high fever.

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health