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plain oil injected into the ear vein of rabbits causes death by cerebral or pulmon-

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April 24: Fed 30 gm. of glucose with 200 gm. of meat and 225 c.c. of milk.

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as follows: A tuberculous gland became necrosed and formed an abscess

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activity of the normal proteolytic enzyme, which digests the globulin

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sufficiently valuable to render it advisable to make such determinations

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antibody that may be produced simultaneously, specific protective ferments are

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it, the physical consequences of this vice, besides insisting

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cultures and were made with a Bausch and Lomb microphotographic apparatus

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in milk the calcium is in true solution and not in colloidal solution or

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palpitation, the precipitation of incompetence in a previously competent

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In comparison with the preceding layer this one appears well

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rhea was concerned. What appeared to be of far greater signifi-

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The estimates were made in dupHcate and usually from five cubic

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Fig. 43. A focus of infiltration in a twenty-one day specimen. Such a focus

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not been able to find a decision of this question ex analogia

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emulsified in 66 per cent, glycerin, and tested on the shaved skin of rabbits. The

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In all figures divisions of the abscissae equal 0.04 of a second ; divisions of the

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the organism. It is not inconceivable, however, that such a con-

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tied into the esophagus. The effects of quiet respiration, the distention of the

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Paul placed healthy individuals in a cabinet of 3 cubic meters' capac-

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to reach the normal of the day before. One animal that died in the

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the day following, with 10 c.c. the reaction was just the same. In this

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health