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nite pictures which give important additional aid in the diagnosis. This
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that received no milk. In other words, there were only one-third as many deaths
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lungs, and is considered by competent clinicians so useful a differential
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found to contain beautiful blue crystals which were identified as
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cerebrospinal fluid contains trypanosomes invariably die, and that it is
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The work by which Professor Gross Avas most widely and
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Christophers and Bentley state that certain conditions may be pres-
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ance to infection is concerned, small rats seemed to offer less re-
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fection was not so clearly shown and there was only one series of
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in which no parasites were found, although the blood had been carefully
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spaces. The protoplasm of the larger cells usually is very faintly pink,
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which the nuclei are also irregular in form and size and stain very deeply, almost
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The removal of normal serum from the contact with sensitized
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the body tissues in furnishing water to the blood in order to properly
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Cloninger, K. L., Conover; Univ. of Md., 1931; U.N.C 1931 1933
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while in the other eleven beats, the c waves follow the a waves after a
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from three and one-half to five minutes; then the male uncoils and lies
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Hospital and tv.-o in Touro Infirmary who left the hospitals before I had
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as large in the old epithelium as in the rat and in the pigeon.
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Editor's Note. The employment of curative sera by the intraspinal mode of
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In the diagnosis of a case the following are the important points to
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The group of nephritics shows a wide range in index as well as in

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health