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and replacing la5-er by layer the dead bone. If the bone is dead and

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Ether Series. — This group consisted of four experiments. The dogs weighed

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than 3.5 parts of carbon dioxid per 10,000. It must be realized that

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that the phenomenon depended upon adsorption processes, the substrate added —

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Herring, R. A., High Point; Tulane, 1905; U.N.C 1923 1924

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This whole study has been directed toward the establishment of new

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When he entered the hospital he had fever of 101-105 F., which lasted about

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ceived 15 gm, of glucose in water by stomach tube. From 11 a. m. to i p. m.

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and specific ferments is the mode of their action. The antibodies, although di-

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Eehm^ finds great variations in the cell picture and classifies in a special

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tion and thus far this affiliation cannot be explained. A searching study

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had to work was short they worked with efficiency and speed.

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Concerning Survival and \ irulence of the ^Microorganism

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administrations of anterior lobe emulsion spread over lo days, 50

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properties have been ascribed in whole or in part. In certain in-

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minute intervals, sometimes even more rapidly. The effects on the blood

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A consideration of these facts makes it easy to understand why some

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and Levaditi^ noted a similar mixture to be still active after fifteen

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Series i.^ — Chemically pure cholesterol was placed in a flat tin foil cap (such

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From this time the patient grew steadily worse and death occurred late in

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health