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normal guinea pigs as well as for dialyzable products of digestion. The latter

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which are upon historical subjects. It is probably remembered by

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agrees entirely with my experiments on fat necrosis^^ in which it was

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the mixture incubated for over 3 hours died in about 48 hours. The seven

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It seemed advisable to study the anatomy and the physiology of the

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were immobilized in a paraminophenylarsenoxyd dilution of i to

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administration of anterior lobe upon the growth of carcinomata,

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between the maximum number of mitoses on the 7th day and the number on

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by a very slight shadow on the .T-ray plate. The middle phalanx becomes

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tions only the disappearance and resorption of the homeograft, without giving

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fident, therefore, in saying that a positive reaction of the urine to the

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the result that the already present glands (acini) are first inhibited (by

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such a case felt that nothing was being done for the patient, and the

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Moore, Alexander W., Charlotte; Univ. & Bellevue Hosp. Med.

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such courses as to play no part in aerating the breathing-zone of the car —

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Elfman, Samuel L., Fayetteville; Med. Coll., Va 1936 1937

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methods which he employed in these researches were both novel

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out follicles, is relatively very small and consists of loosely arranged fibroblasts

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Fig. I. Guinea pig 51. Uranium; killed on fifteenth day. The same region

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possible into the marriage state, if circumstances allow it.

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going into each pen was weighed, and the amount left in the pans

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beginning at 8 a. m. and in a fifth period ten hours in length beginning at 10

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health