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therefore, little comparable to the process of connective tissue forma-
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But brief mention of our findings in the normal kidney as studied
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to the testicle is necessary as a prerequisite to the production by this
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in sinusoids of the liver. .Magnification. 375 diameters.
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Structure. Ether Extract. lodin Index. Peanut Oil. Extract.
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physicians, but to non-professionals : as I have been assured
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which I have had an oral description — four in number. In the cases
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the h3'pothesis the calcium is only transitorily in the form of soaps before
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calcium in the bones (Goitein^^), although most of the excess is excreted
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members of the group, by the ordinary simple bacteriological meth-
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has also found that the intensity of protein catabolism cannot be correctly
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are places of predilection has been explained on anatomical and physio-
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® Schottmiiller, H., Miinchen. vied. Wchnschr., 1903, 1, 909.
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Although Dr. Goodell wrote but one book, his celebrated Les-
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those given in our previous papers, we are inclined to believe that
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quently indented. Alost of the follicles are markedly compressed by connective
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Mosso and Pellacani: Arch. ital. d. biol., 1882, i, 97.
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tissue and skin have been emphasized by the writers on this disease and
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ing additional evidence of the fact which we have endeavored to emphasize;
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platelets. Factors of coagulation: broken line = prothrombin; small dots and
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"American Journal" in whi<li Dr. Pe])per's article ai)peared, there
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anism of the breast hyperplasia of pregnancy. The result assuredly
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ease. Therefore, in the study of this condition it is most important to

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health