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Upon inoculation into monkeys poliomyelitis may fail to appear

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mined bv the suction exerted by thoracic expansion, and this is materially

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culosis (Potain, Eegnault. Faisans. Papillon. Homolle. Eenaud, Teissier.

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of belief in the immortality of the soul and of an eternal

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VL The Midtiform Layer. — This layer, the layer of polymorphic

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den death. By the exercise of skill it is possible to repeat cardiocen-

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Virchow in honor of his American confrere, the former took the

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may become, they rarely, if ever, calcify so long as there is venous blood

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effectual means of assuaging the pains of the sick. In our

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stroma is increased, although there are exceptions to this statement,

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henaoglobinuric fever is due to malarial infection? It appears to me

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highly specialized structures as the ganglion cells of the brain may

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ner as the same types disappear from the sputum of patients recov-

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animal. In this final result tuberculosis difl'ers from vaccinia and serum disease.

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1197; Kutane und konjunktivale Tuberkulinreaktion, Handbuch der Technik und

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probably be treated on much the same hygienic principles as is suspected

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fails with animals (Schliiter^^). It has been shown by Van Durme,-"

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tance of calcium in natural ossification, not only as forming a part of

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to 400 per cent. He also tested the fluidextract of two successive years

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bodies, when brought in contact with the allergens of the horse serum in

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The patient was well nourished and muscular. A careful physical examination

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Barlow's disease. They were still-born, undersized, apparently be-

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subjects, which, although not properly remedial agents, may

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above results in the lactose content of the milk. For this purpose

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MacFadyen, Paul R., Jr., Concord; Univ. of Va., 1929 1929 1932

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health