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formation of medullary substance in the subchondral zone in all
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Meriwether, Benj. Morsell, Asheville; Univ. of Louisville, 1915 1915 1924
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Courmont, P.: Etudes sur les substances solubles predisposant a Paction
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struction in the body and the ultimate recovery of the animal. This
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7. Plain oils injected subcutaneously under conditions of low protein
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ossification and pathological calcification. Even morphologically there
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incisions 1, 3, 3 (figured in the diagram) w^ere made, and additional pieces
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cular activity. In Tables 1, 2 and 3 the number of extrinsic movements,
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such an instance the contaminating diphtheroid and the specific acid-
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it was not possible to mark exactly on the cortex the district of
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point which attracted the attention of the medical profession.
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paralysis of the insane. They range from 1 to 47.5 per cent, and average
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the uninfluenced curve the T wave ends. At this time, then, the
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John Bell (1796-1872) wrote (1) A Treatise on Baths and Mineral
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advanced is able to account satisfactorily for the fact that the nephritis
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the interstitial organ (or Ley dig's interstitial cells) is responsible for the secre-
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tilator. Sometimes the forward and sometimes the rear is most efficient.
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of the shell-glands in the form of the soluble bicarbonate, the carbonate
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and after twenty-four hours it received one of the serums to be tested'
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liver, edema of legs, infarct of lung involving whole right lower lobe. Marked
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weeks later one cubic centimeter of eighteen to twenty-four hour live
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of the right ventricle. In combinations of these two antagonistic factors
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one the impression of a com})lete auiiciiloventricular dissociation. One of
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8. Halsted: Johns Hopkins Hosp. Rep., 1896, i, 373.
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that experience has demonstrated that group hospitalization plans should con-
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2 abnormal opsonic indices (12 per cent.) out of 17 examined to Bacillus
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was used from 0.01 gm. to 0.1 gm. at a dose. Even tiie largest dose,
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mild infections. Another rat, inoculated from the same source on

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health