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qualify for entrance to Harvard University, to which institution his
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claim that the old Jewish Sabbath should never have been
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internally. In spite of this treatment, a fistula in ano followed.
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able prominence in all the essentials necessary to make a
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with her light garden-tools. Some she trained fancifully over a lattice to such height
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est, but because for any exertion beyond her direct work
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at Zurich, Switzerland. His foremost anatomical and
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In analyzing the phrase, "mind and body," we shall have to
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daughter of Horace and Catherine Hunt, of Boston. To the marriage
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The so-called " mind-cure " promises to become an " inter-
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office of Professor S. D. Gross, M.D., as a private pupil,
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We will now proceed to the consideration of a condition of the
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A Symptom for Cina. — Dr. Dunoyer reports that a young
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Peoria, Illinois, and was afterwards in the employ of George Moore
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rhages ever take place, for the fact that they may occur is con-
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of opinion, which relate to the avoidance, by the physician, of all
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tion as a clergyman of the Methodist Episcopal church. On his
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lesions are less from bullets which have but a small velocity ;
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Water for Infants. — A physician of the New-York Nursery and Child's
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by the silk, so that its edges will lie just within the wound on
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16. "Bone Transplantation as a Treatment of Pott's Disease, Club Feet, and
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does not look to be more than seventy years of age, and
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tune, excitement, or sickness, out of the usual routine of life, is
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or the spinal cord are antevo-postenor, postero-anterior, trans-
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that it is not only useless, but also troublesome and in the
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Genuine pernicious anaemia develops in males fully as often as in females.
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sufficiently account for these wounds that need no further
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will report, Dr. Harvey of Springfield being chairman of the
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" pathy," and that one may be a homoeopathist who uses com-
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sense, and quickening of the animal? How does alcohol pro-
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popular mind. It interferes often, in no small degree, with the
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reasons they are lesions that present very unfavourable

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