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have been found in a large proportion of the cases. It is held that if the

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supposedly normal individuals. This must form the basis for future

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then the disease will not set in so acutely but will last for a long time.

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without any action of its own, without any act of its will.

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three times that present forty-eight hours after the inoculation.

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reported l)y European and American authoi-s. The European ]iliysicians

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this time. We, therefore, recommend that the balance, $8,116.74 remain-

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The general effect of injected oil on the iodin index of the kidney is to

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doubt that similarly good results would follow the use of ascitic

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it was put into the ice box (table II, B). As a control, an exact duplicate of

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plasma or lymph cultures forms this framework. If the plasma or

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tissues. New cells developing from cultures with large doses of

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c.c. of tricresol serum. This was the only death which occurred in the tricresol

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Fig. 43. A focus of infiltration in a twenty-one day specimen. Such a focus

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pneumococci in normal animals there is a rapidly increasing bacte-

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between the amount of the preliminary inoculation and the extent and nature

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of long duration was not steadily increasing, but had remained slight

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tissues of the body were reduced in their power to split hydrogen peroxid

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pressure after an initial rise dropped abruptly from 128 to 38 mm. within 45

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of cells in this method is a feature not to be ignored.

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Zinsser, Hans, Hopkins, J. G., and Gilbert, Ruth. Notes

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which were removed together, as they have physical continuity, are iden-

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energy by fortifying the milk with lactose or other easily digested form

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and B.T.'s house with students dressed up in costumes,

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minutes in a weak Delafield's hematoxylin ( 5 drops to a watch crystal of

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health