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Smith, W. G., Wendell; Med. Coll. of Va.; Wake Forest, 1923 1926 192S

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The normal individual in a rested condition will usually have a

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border usually shows only a short defect and the probable position of the

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of blood clotting, antithrombin and fibrinogen, were also followed in

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of both washings were united and saved for testing. The residue (bac-

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We have been sufficiently impressed by the apparent importance of

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Cardiac disease, diagnostic value of the orthodiagram in; J. G. van Zwalu-

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the cord at the site of injection showed some maceration of the surface, but only

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Experiment 11. — 8 rabbits received single or repeated sensitizing injections

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Berryhill, Walter Reece, Chapel Hill; Harvard Med. Sch.,

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Wilmerding, W. E., Skyland; Univ. of South, 1899 1915 1938

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Turban, K. : Diagnosis of Tuberculosis of the Lungs, N. Y., 1906, Wm. Wood

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to be modified for pregnant women), or to a specific difference?

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Tumors. — In order to ascertain whether diphtheroids were pres-

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course of the same day. On the basis of this observation I reached the

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the metabolism does follow these fluctuations in what one may call the

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samples are taken well within the body of the car they show nearly

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has served to bring together these interests, which tend always, to their very

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small dose of the culture used in experiment 34. Sept. 29. Killed. No lesions

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take a deep interest in whatever concerns health and its

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water experiment, there was a gradual decrease in the total daily output of

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Prolonged Heating. — When blood that had been incubated at

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pneumococcus infection in mice as the original serum from which it

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normal body fluids, which seem to be pretty nearly saturated with cal-

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used for collecting samples from cars, bottles were filled in the ordinary

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ether serum causes no drop of blood pressure, but raises the pres-

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health