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It has been stated that the practical outcome of the investiga-

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health at the time of the accident, as well, also, to the fact that the ampu-

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as useful a limb as those ordinarily left by fracture of the cervix,

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from internal prolapse or piles. If the quantity is considerable,

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and complete removal and with definite and permanent cure.

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with incidental allusions to their relationship to menstruation.

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in an undermining manner in the direction of the fistula, taking

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skin to loosen it and allow more easy approximation. Stitches

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degree which will be relieved in almost every instance by stomach

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substance of the cornea. Gradually the clot becomes

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yet removed, but thinking rest would be beneficial to the patient,

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second degree, eighteen months in each of the two hospitals, and the

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soon arrived at her usual robust condition of health.

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acetabulem, and the os frontis resting against the left sacro-

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it comes in contact, it is speedily forced back to its orignal mal-

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when the actual state of medical science is fully considered. True,

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salt, and a light, wholesome, palatable bread can be made by a

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only by the quantities of active substances which enter into its

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Just before retiring to bed one night, he was seized with a marked,

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of the rectum. And from my observation I believe that three

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would cause tympanitis, ileus or strangulated hernia. A weakened or too

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which he said he could touch some hard and resistent

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exclusion, of ingestion, of retention and of expulsion, in the

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more convulsions. I saw her early Sunday morning : labor was

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the mercury rose six degrees in twenty minutes ; and, in

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health