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the formation of membrane is the rule in diphtheria, it may be absent in a
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With the erythema of the pharynx there is usually dryness of the fauces,
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not necessary, he says, that the kidneys should be absolutely diseased, but
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fhould be fent abroad without licence, but permitted
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liefore the poor widow had Hnished, the tears were running
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2. Subacute and chronic — (a) With serofibrinous effusion, (h) with
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of an uncommon fort of worms found in the livers of Tneep,
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from the so-called catarrhal jaundice, does not usually subside so quickly
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summer. It has been most marked in the sciatic and femoral nerves
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probably spilled over alcohol than any other subject. It was
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difficulties in staining the latter. The aniline dyes methylene-blue and
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mentioned, but also into the pleura or lung, into the peritoneal cavity, into
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and r£t;7^''''"'-''''''r"' ^""^ P^'^"^'^ ^^"^^d by infection with 5 coli
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is opened lengthvvife with an incifion-knife, fo that
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are known to have been eating bread made from diseased rye or wheat ;
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enfeebled and painful, or the seat of tingling and numbness, and that
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cefs of this alimenj:, of which they are very fond,
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simple measures, morphine, in the moderate dosage which has been
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distinguished by peculiarities in the tail, as well as by a very conspicuous
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Foreign bodies. — A foreign body taken in by the mouth is rarely
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(Bacillus mallei), and characterised by specific inflammatory lesions of the
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or indirectly from the carbohydrates of the food, since a rigid diet, free
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jedt to the fmall-pox. The French call it, in them,
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ting ot their noftrils can only weaken their neighing — The
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show a tremendous change for improvement when experienced
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vent sleep. But even if the first factor does not predominate and
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normal ; and (3) diminished destruction of uric acid by imperfect oxida-
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897 cases of tuberculosis in children, which I have collected, the lymphatic
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in fadl it moft commonly is, to relieve the other leg,
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pain flies about from joint to joint, and generally affects some of the
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one quarter tumblerfuls; eggs, hen's, one large; bacon, smoked,
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