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six is too high in a disease which is not immediate-

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Finally, the failure of the streptococci in the pus from the knee to

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deficiencies of surgical treatises «Titten in English.

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valuable physical properties, a high tensile strength

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of the bovine type, and that was simply a slight infection

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tinct snap of the erector muscle will be felt by both

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worth about $2,000,000 has thereby been added to the fund,

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freed from serum and go themselves into haemolysis.

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into large and small-spored (megalosporon and microsporon) is unwarranted.

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tain a reasonable amount of heat for a considerable

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of them as large as a pea. Treatment by inunction, saio-

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microchemic reaction for mucin with thionin or hematoxylin. They

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must occur in both tubes of this set before the other

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To frighten — People. 5.8 "seconds. Said that when she

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that usefulness in the line of duty which is the invariable price of any

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as possible to destroy or disinfect when the case has

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infection, which have been treated by us during the

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must continue to be the ultimate objects of investigation in medicine.

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" Internal organs of generation wanting." The six cases referred to

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creased to i/so grain, which dose was continued since at

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fibres. Scattered through the tumor among the fibrous

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esting in this connection in that the blood pressure

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gestation. At the time of delivery the reaction was obtained from the serum

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will follow. The use of this method is strongly advised in the early stages

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and the manifestations to which it may give rise are

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the Obstetrical Society of London, quotes the statistics of the mortality from

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Two other cultures of about one-half the virulence of the Pfeiffer cul-

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patient has scarcely ever touched any form of meat but fish. Of the

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Twenty-five of the prisoners left in the jail were inoculated on the day

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Madras trachoma is epidemic in certain mouths, and long after the original

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her symptoms had subsided so quickly on rest and her

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1. The patient is placed in the gynecological position, in such a manner

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exacerbations and remissions, leading to a deep sys-

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CI. — How do you treat chronic nasal catarrh? {Closed

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swelling, uncovering, and making the cord on that side

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and w^ith increased knowledge of its reflex relationship to the sym-

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fracture of the first dorsal vertebra was found, with

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out, the anterior and posterior walls approach each

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the lymph-spaces. The muscular fibres are sepai-ated by alveoli filled

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and three quarter hours after a meal stomach showed a

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Gowers's tracts are the conductors of pain and tem-

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tions for matriculation, critical study of the medical

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4. Pancreatic cysts, of four cases two gave a posi-

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Fecal fistula developed in Cases 12, 15, 34. All closed in the course

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