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in the blood which supplied the placenta, and this modified

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son, Philip, Hastings, and others, assert that neither the

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terest of the city to accomplish these important purposes, — but that —

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cavity, i| inches from the axillary surface of the sixth

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tb^kind, may have to be avoided. But the opium, with or without

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thin pus. The constitutional symptoms were considerable, but

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convulsion occurred, and venesection was again resorted to, fol-

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Mrs. C, mt., about 28 years ; leucophlegmatic temperament. Confined

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Dr. Griscom' s statistics comprise twenty -six cases, and the average time

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\ve Medical Agents: being a treatise on the new Alkaloid, Besinoid,

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Dr. I. Rowell, Censor of San Francisco Medical Society.

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following had alarming symptoms of suffocation, so much so that I enter-

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cases of chronic iridocyclitis. The eyes must be kept at

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stance that in addition to the shock they sustained by the injury, they

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of blood in the vena-portarum or pulmonary artery, without re-

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ville, and J. A. Davis, of Albany, upon written application, were elected

The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health