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the sclerotic or "white" of the eye, or in the cornea or

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works on surgery we constantly meet with expressions of regret that it is in

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flat tube, which at one end is connected with a reservoir, and the other end pro-

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the whole be now boiled for ten or fifteen minutes, since, if the poisoning

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an appendix^ which for some four years past has been advan-

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been destroyed by the reagent. Thus, though it exists, it is

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most important part of Dr. Pavy's paper. As is well known. Dr.

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7 and 9. Some lobules infiltrated with pure blood, others with sero-san-

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gradually and becoming severe, at first affecting one side chiefly,

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impressions, produce the slightest hesitation; he can speak, read, and entertaia

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Eye. — The Lancet for Feb. 8, 1840, contains an interesting course of Lectures

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with the assimilation of the like in impressions, there is necessarily a

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constitutes a perfect figure, we fancy. Few women, with

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sumed to state these inferences as facts established from such a limited

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with an equal bulk of honey or water, in the internal administra-

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On Colchicia. By John M. Maisch. ' American Journal of Pharmacy

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flows. Their development rather commences in this way : — The

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tion. In the Nos. before us the editor has shown judgment and skill in the

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foxmd in Appendix), We do not advise gargling in acute

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The most considerable, and perhaps the most important additions that have

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fibres being destitute of transverse striation, smooth, homoge*

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inflammation of larynx, 3 of spasms, 3 of vertigo, 3 of chronic diarrhoea; 3 of

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However, 1 should remark that the composition of the ointment does not

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similar to that of the phonautograph, on which the time is regis-

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peculiarities bj the toxicologist for the detection of minute quan-

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diac extremity. When, therefore, this part of the stomach is affected rather

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morning and evening. Having continued this course of treatment for a few

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chorea, and for three days but little sleep. When admitted she was

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prolific factor of high blood-pressure and early degenera-

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ble. Arrangements were now made to transport him to his father's resi-

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Post-mortem examination. — Q'anium. — Great congestion of the

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excess in eating or drinking will have a similar effect. The presence of the

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of more attention than the ordinary run of exercises. Written

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may be seen as the workings of the soul might be seen

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are preferable for raincoats, but for protection against

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