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> Since the above was written we have investigated this qaestion in a large

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muscular tissue consists of nuclei surrounded by protoplasm ;

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spasm of the glottis at times proves fatal when the substance

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10. Observations on Oephalotripsy, By Prof. Chiaba.

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From statistics of New York and Massachusetts, and other States, it appears that

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co-operation. For example, the child could have all vegetables,

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segments, several soft fibrinous granulations, easily removable.

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return to health. The inmates of prisons, and jails, and hospitals, would often

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Disease of the lungs hastens respiration, and action of the lungs; and concussions

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the glans down the urethra, so that the two may nearly meet^

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AUbutt that causes the greatest deformity of the vessels. With

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medicines — such as the Blood Renovator and Anti-Bilious Pills. It is well known

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all of them had passed through Paris, which was then infected, on

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On the tenth day there was a brief collapse, from which the

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King's College, observes : — " One of the worst cases of chorea which I have seen,

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Algiomotob (al-je-o-mo'tor). Producing painful movements, such as

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ophthalmoscopic appearances. It has long been known that

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cannot stand by you through all the doissitudea of the year.

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of the vertebrate sub-kingdom.'* — Journal of Anatomy and FhyMo^^

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we may Suspeol it to be a greater and more powerful agent in the animal economy

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Bpective of the observance or neglect of those secondary causes, through which

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Spring water, and many well waters, though cool and palatable, are not so

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have been neither scarlatina nor diphtheria, but bore an analogy

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and executed, and marvellous phenomena of mind to be the

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The third case was No. 76 in the Rockefeller Institute series.'^

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attack of apoplexy, which so frightened the child that "prom

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softy thickish, and easily detached. The surface of the pleura itself

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as the peculiar seat of feeling ; and it is by knowledge communicated to the brain

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after a fright» related by Dr. Qoodfellow (see yoL ziii» p. 19), extensive softening

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little inducement to charge themselves with the production of

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On the whole this lecture on excision of the knee, by one who

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showing that the transverse striation is entirely owing to

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jects the eye to the annoyance of smoke, and to the excitement from the glow of

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are less capable intellectually of managing the business affairs of the family, and

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period. Usually by the end of the first week the patient is taking

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swelling being in the interval stationary, or even occasionally be-

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inflammation : they swell up, become cloudy, and increase in

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