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Or the discharges may be received in a basin containing
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previous health of the districts intervening between that city and
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glasses near to the spot where we suspect the pulmonary apoplexy is forming;
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of temperature modified, and that of the region beyond the lakes, characterized
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describes the indirect or ordinary method. "We fancy that
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This type of tissue is more predominant in youth, and it
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various insidious diseases^nephritis, arteriosclero
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mucus and gravel. This continued until death. He had frequently, for
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cemed, it differs but little from Jersey or Edinburgh. One great
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miles south of Leipzig, and the outbreak there is believed to have
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Marsh's apparatus was announced. A single spot is deemed sufficient,
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is met with, according to Dr. Dickinson's observation, at the sur-
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commencing his pathological studies in the Museum at Oxford^
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spirit of the address and the principles mainly advocated in it.
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thin glass they cool too rapidly. They are inconvenient to use, as they
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minutes ten grains, were administered thirty-seven hours previous to the
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much pain caused by pressing on the abdomen. Still it was
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In the early part of last year we had, in St. (}eorg^'s Hospital, under the l&te Dr.
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lary bronchitis. 2. Dilatation from stricture of bronchi, takmg
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cellular tissue; in the submucous it was in parts infiltrated, in
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"M. Bonnet of Lyons has also conceived and executed the idea of treating
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cion that they were ascribable to the sulphuric acid. Devergie proposes
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entirely disappeared. The plexus into which the resorptive organs
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Abdomen. — In the ovaries were several cysts containing blood.
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1. That the proportion of cases in which vaccination failed, compared with
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functions of particular organs (local), and on the system generally. Either of
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Samuel has not been confirmed by Meiraner and others, and the in-
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ter of the cicatrix both of the entrance and exit wounds, is always less than that
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as a sjmaptom of ulceration or inflammation of the bowel
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detected by the ordinary galvanometer-needle. Other experiments are alluded
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the various crooks who make a business of advertising
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complained of the great unwholesomeness of the place. The lazaret,
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of the part, the hemorrhage being merely a symptom of derangement, and rarely
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brane, abdominal cavity, lung, brain — and spreads by
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a common pill, without dividing it into two or three pieces, and she then
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yast quantities of pebbles^ which, accumulating on theses- shore,
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