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Then, too, the examination of the central nervous system has not shown

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is, liowever. denied Iiy certain investiirators, Chanjies in the liloodtlov'.

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even voracious. Thirst may be increased. Attacks of vomiting sometimes

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this trying and indisputable test. I shall therefore

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treatment, and besides giving cretinous persons the benefit of sea air, as has

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Senator is surely the safe one, and will lead the physician to take sufficient

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matism, or inflammation should be treated as part of the chief condition.

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Alexander also classifies the cases of osteo-arthropathy as acute and

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the patient may be fed, but this was rare in this series.

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Tne diseases most commonly confounded with hypernephroma are tuber-

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marked sweating. That clubbing of the fingers may follow a traumatic

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that thr rati' nl' nntllnw I'mm aii> p;irt nl' tlir systi'iti di-pi'inis (inall.v .>:

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cult in the female, more difficult in the male, but it is absolutely essential in

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showed thickening of the connective-tissue sheaths, but no alteration in

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Diagnosis. — ^The diagnosis of adrenal tumors is often difiScult. They

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infants attract attention at once, because* of their very short limbs, their

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