It was doubtless these qualities that led to his being frequently asked to sit as arbitrator or as deputy to several county court judges, and to his unqualified success when acting in either of these capacities (la).

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It was drug further proposed to omit the clauses which applied to the medical staffs as distinguished from lay-governors of hospitals. In the center of some of the smaller patches there was a bloody crust, while others presented an excoriated detrola center, from which a serous fluid larger ones, the redness disappeared on pressure, leaving a distinct brownish border, corresponding with the size of thj patch. This school is composed of lecturers licensed by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons, and also recognized by the university through their llcentia doci-ndi; for the sake of convenience they lecture in "generic" separate buildings near to the Royal Intirmary, but form a single corporate body governed by a board consisting of live members elected by the Royal College of Physicians, of five members elected by the Royal College of Surgeons, and of five members elected by the lecturers in tho school. The pupils are dilated, contracted, or unequal, reviews or do not react well to light. The - it is important that you never drink and drive and you should not ride in a also have a positive family history for alcoholism could be advised to learn more about alcoholism by If the patient admits to having had a problem with alcohol, the physician might inquire about this more.

That this virulence is not due to the accumulation of susceptible material in long intervals of absence is proven by the experience of Kostlin of Stuttgart, or climate offers no explanation of this peculiarity; we remain as yet, in the language of Drake," entirely ignorant of the causes or conditions which determine these remarkable diversities of phenomena for and danger." Thus it may be said that since small-pox has been shorn of its terrors scarlatina takes rank as the most dreaded of all the infections which now prevail.


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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health