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colic that in many cases the pain is confined to one-half of the abdomen,

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concurrently, so it will not be possible for a candidate to take more than one

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minent. There is not only an increased excitability of the central nervous

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stomach contents (gas and liquid) are retained in the upper part of the

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is often refused by them. The husband or wife, as the case may be, and

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daughter cysts in its interior; these become detached from the parent

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although always less abundant there. These become caseous, the epithelium

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but the third series made thirty-eight hours after the injection of the salt

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Tlie foiliiwing Canadian medical ofiicers were recently honored

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inations, no tumour can be felt, and if the history and physical signs,

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exercifed by a rider in the warm fun till he fweats ;

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many chemical and bacteriological problems, which this form of poison-

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Very rarely the daughter cysts bud off externally instead of internally,

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ccmpreffed into a fmall ccmpafs, if any of it is in-

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Prognosis. — The prognosis cannot but be gloomy as regards recovery.

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classified library of several thousand plates including nearly all the unusual and

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m, they muft not be let out till late in the morning,

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upon the tissues. Phosphoric acid, if present in the urine in excess in

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duced is soon recovered from. But if it is repeated sufftciently often

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litmus paper in the vaginal secretion, after which the vagina is

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work, this nitrogen accumulates in the blood and body juices.

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kinds, fuch as bullocks, fheep, hogs, horfes, &c.

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it has been suggested that toxines produced by gastro-intestinal catarrh

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instead of the normal 1/8 of a circle. Engagement of the head is

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in the soles of the feet, painful cramps in the calves, the muscles of which

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