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But to dwell for a moment upon this subject. I have stated
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is not to buttonhole the anterior pillar by pressing
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kidney in the presence of infection by lowering its
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right lower extremity. In the first case, a forty-five
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formation in' nearly every organ, more particularly
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skin is so largelv involved in these two manifesta-
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bility, be unable subsequently to recall the incidents attending or
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to. When the case is such as to admit with propriety the ap-
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is no disease in which in connection with diagnosis
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My own opinion is, that it is admirably calculated in most dis-
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alluvial deposit, which is formed of the debris of other rocks, and
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nowned physicians, from inunction and the energetic administra-
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ferred. Now, if a surgeon happens to see a body drawn from a
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than amputation to effect a cure, must be granted; yet, this
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Fig. 2. — Ward car No. 4 in Hospital Train -No. .j. ';h'i\viiig four
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also the pure creosote, repeating the application on alternate
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yield under uterine action, accompanied not unfrequently by
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time the recovery preceded very slowly ; the patient was recom-
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in the teeth, which was of such a type that the teeth
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national licalth and military efficiency, and this can
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rected to the rapid, shallow type of breathing found
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through all the layers of the cornea,) with its edge turned up-
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yesterday to replace the straight front and springy
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the group of early interstitial nephritis, or that of
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previous to labour ; nine of rupture of the uterus ; one of in-
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incidence of Bacillus influenza". Of these, seventy-
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anything and everything, and by that very fact they
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as contagious ? We shall furnish all the information which we
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activities. These will consist of articles, pictures,
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Wednesday, May sut. — Section in Otolog>- and Lar-
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as aids in the distribution, of smaller quantities of
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