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the period of anerg}' reactivity begins again, and foci are formed at every

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traction. If, now, we turn hack to Tracings 1-t and 15 it is interesting

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their work Haldane and Osborn-^ recommended a limit of 12 volumes per

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tube to another could not result in the carrying over of an effective

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given during four days (i) oats and cane sugar, (2) meat (pig's

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tlie clinical symptoms hardly reach the threshold of manifestation. After

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hours. The first and second day in the table are taken together, because

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was a property of sodium halogen compounds. Schloss later showed

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These facts all show that the need of leaf preparations of known

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tion of the horse-serum injection has no immediate effect, because the

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EJUnger's Method for Indican.— There is at present no method for

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experiment. These facts seem to indicate that there was less intestinal

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early in the disease, before it has advanced to such a stage that these

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Cranmer, J. B., Wilmington (Hon.); U.N.C, 1905..... 1905 1906

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halden's request, worked at the test until they succeeded in obtain-

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steadily, as in all similar experiments, but no accumulation could be

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starch, agar, etc., and that following such adsorption the serum

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stant relation to the body- weight and is not the result of partial

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old adhesions at the apex, lateral wall and posterior wall, being readily broken.

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strain. The three areas reacted in identical manner : each area became congested,

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into the coronary sinus of the hirudinized cat or dog. After meas-

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-TOTAL Acidosis as Oxybutyricacio{detebmined chemically)

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representation of the corpus geniculatum externum. Only lately

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becomes intensely infiltrated and somewhat elevated, and from the sixth

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The Nurse Practitioner/Certified Nurse Midwife/Physician Assistants of the San Francisco Department of Public Health